Amanda the Adventurer

Amanda the Adventurer

Amanda The Adventurer is an exploration and puzzle game with horror elements that will startle you. You will take turns watching the videos on the old tapes. The VHS footage seemed very normal until a sudden situation occurred. Each tape will take you on an exploration in different locations.

Explore Unbelievable Segments

First is In The Kitchen, where you can see the two main characters, Amanda and Wooly, making an apple pie. Questions begin to appear on the screen when the character asks players about the baking ingredients. Don't think of normal answers, because only horror will satisfy Amanda.

This stuffy and creepy atmosphere will last throughout the journey at other locations afterward. The content in the remaining cassettes, which are also the levels you need to pass, includes: In Your Neighborhood (two parts), Oh No! Accidents! (two parts), Everything Rots!, What's a Family?, and We Can Share.

How to Play

First, you need to click on the location of the tapes to open them. Then, based on the main character's questions, enter the answer. You use the keyboard to type your answer and click the check mark to send it. Whether Amanda is satisfied or not, it's a step up in your game with Amanda The Adventurer.

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