Geometry Lite

Geometry Lite

Get ready for an exciting, colorful adventure filled with memorable music in Geometry Lite! This is the next game in the critically acclaimed Geometry Dash series. In this game, avoiding obstacles is your goal. When you crash into an obstacle, the game is over. Either maintain a high pitch for the voiceover or do your best to avoid the spikes. Using blocks is also fraught with danger. All of our goods are handmade, starting from the ground up. The competition is now over. But don't worry if you're not a born runner. You can play this game as much as you want because there are no life limits. Additionally, the practice mode is now available for testing.

This entertaining game showcases seven distinct main characters. A spider, a cube, a ball, an extraterrestrial spacecraft, a wave, and a robot make up their group. These people will appear once you've entered the correct portals. At random points throughout the game, portals will materialize. Every one of these figures undergoes a distinct transformation. A large selection of skins allows players to personalize their characters even further. Character skins for the cube are 148, whereas those for the character are 51. Plus, there are multiple ways to color the skin. The presence of 96 distinct colors enhances the palette's adaptability.

Like Geometry Dash, Geometry Lite has a wide variety of levels, from the very easy to the very difficult. The spikes, walls, and challenging moves you'll face in each level are completely different from the last. You can see the overall rating for that mode's difficulty in the upper-right corner. A higher star count indicates a more difficult mode. "Stereo Madness," "Back On Track," "Base After Base," and "Dry Out" are some of the striking modes. The list of game modes offers a multitude of options. Has every mode been beaten? Play Geometry Dash with all the familiar charm—inspiring visuals, catchy music, and challenging gameplay—plus all the new features you could want. May you find blessings as you set out to conquer the challenging courses that lie ahead!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse.

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