Geometry Dash World

Geometry Dash World

If you enjoy rhythm-based games and are up for a challenge, Geometry Dash World is right up your alley. Participate and delight in the game's soundtrack. 

Three years after the release of the highly regarded rhythm game Geometry Lite, developers created and published Geometry World. The original game had around 100 levels spread across two worlds, but this one has just 10. As they guide their cube avatar through increasingly difficult stages, gamers engage in rhythm-based, fast-paced action. With the same great gameplay and soundtrack that fans of the series have grown to love, this game adds additional levels and distinctive rewards without changing the fundamentals. Players control a cube-shaped avatar as they navigate levels laden with hazards, including spikes, saw blades, and shifting platforms. Players advance through stages by timing their jumps and airborne maneuvers to the music's rhythm. To keep up with the incredible speed in each round, you must concentrate as much as possible. If you don't give it a go, you have no idea what challenges the road may bring. 

Daily challenges, hidden levels, and exclusive awards are just a few of the extra features available in Geometry Dash World. A wide array of colors, trails, and icons are available for players to personalize their cube avatar. You can hear a wide range of musical styles and tempos in the game. You may anticipate making a few attempts as you try to progress through various obstacles in this game, despite its relatively easy controls!

Tips and Tricks

  • Perfecting requires practice: Similar to other music games, certain challenging sections, such as the necessary leap immediately following portal traversal, may require the use of muscle memories. With every endeavor, you will improve.
  • Determine the level's configuration by utilizing the Practice Mode: Practical Mode is likely familiar to you if you have previously completed the initial Geometry Dash game. The game automatically creates "checkpoints" as you progress through a level in this mode. In place of commencing from the beginning each time you encounter an obstacle, you shall be redirected to the nearest checkpoint. Your time will fly by as you complete the levels in Geometry Dash World, which are thankfully relatively brief. Still, to access the subsequent levels, you must replay the game in Normal Mode.
  • When progress is slow for an extended period, it is advisable to pause: An attempt counter that begins to accumulate may make the game enjoyable, but not so much. It is advisable to take a pause and attempt the level again at a later time if you find yourself consistently making the same error in a specific section. 


  • Platforming Action with Rhythm! 
  • Daily mission completion will grant you rewards. 
  • Online access to levels created by the Geometry Lite community.
  • Unlock additional colors and icons to customize your character.
  • Alter the force of gravity, pilot missiles, and do a great deal more!
  • Utilize the practice function to refine your skills!
  • Investigate the virtually unthinkable!

How To Play

Use the mouse/up arrow to navigate the character

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