Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash drops the beat with a pulse-pounding rhythm game that will have you clicking away. Ready for the supreme dash and master the madness!

Geometry Dash: Easy-to-Learn, Hard-to-Master!

Geometry Dash invites you to take on the challenge with heart-stopping jumps, breathtaking flying stunts, and thrilling dodging situations. Entering the geometric world with colorful neon lights and catchy music, what will you experience? This must-try platform game introduces you to a journey through dangerous maps. These challenges are exactly the supreme test of every player’s sharpest reflexes and divine key-pressing skills.

Geometry Dash promises to bring you hours of refreshing but also extremely thrilling entertainment. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned gamer, this game has the right challenge for you. Besides, players also have the opportunity to participate in accumulating rewards and achievements to share with friends. In addition, this mini version of Geometry Dash also has an extremely large and bustling community. You can join and learn from professional Dashers to improve your skills.

The Mini but Not Easy Levels

Geometry Dash includes 21 levels with diverse maps and many tricky obstacles. You can see the levels appear in ascending order of difficulty in the menu.

This is a shortened version of the world-famous game, Geometry Dash, with an incomplete number of levels. However, this rhythm platform game still includes six main difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, Hard, Harder, Insane, and Demon. Furthermore, within each difficulty level, there are different star rating levels, reflecting the complexity of map designs.

Prepare to Be Wowed by the Charming Features!

Wonderful Graphics and Soundtracks

Welcome to the wonderful land of massive and majestic designs in Geometry Dash! The shimmering neon lights will definitely satisfy the vivid visuals. Along with that, the unique music of each level also makes your journey in the geometric world more exciting than ever. The meticulousness at each level has made the game one of the eternal monuments of the platform game genre.

Achieve the Marvelous Awards

Every time you win a level or perform a task on the achievement list, you will receive a reward. Each type of mission will correspond to a certain gift. You can track your prestigious collection in the Achievements (the trophy icon) and Stats (the column chart icon) sections.

Discover the Unique Icon Kit

The Icon Kit, a collection of custom interfaces for the main character, has many diverse designs. You can choose the icons you want without any unlocking conditions. Additionally, this entrancing rhythm game also offers a lot of colors that make your character more vivid. You can customize every character’s appearance according to your own style. The journey will certainly become more attractive with the icon you created yourself!

Uncover the Old-but-Gold Gameplay

Grasp the Rhythm-Based Activities

Rhythm gameplay is not a new topic in the gaming world, but the experience in Geometry Dash will definitely be completely different. Every cube activity in each level is in perfect harmony with the background music. Note that this is the match of the main soundtrack to the character’s actions, not equivalent to your control key presses.

The rules of this challenge are extremely simple: guide the cube to the end. You will need to navigate your character, avoiding spikes, walls, sides or corners of blocks and slopes, spiked fences, and saw blades. Of course, to complete this mission, no collisions are allowed.

If you are not confident in your skills, you can try Practice Mode. However, for this practice to be truly quality, gamers need to remember the map designs and how to overcome them. Let's become a talented adventurer with amazing turns in Normal Mode (the main round)!

Learn about a Variety in Signature Gameplay

  • Character’s forms: Your cube can transform into shapes like a ship, a ball, and a UFO. Each shape has unique characteristics of movement and terrain. If you join in order of level in the menu, you will gradually get acquainted with each of these states.
  • Portals: In the maps, players can encounter portals with different ways of operating. The types of portals in this game’s maps include: transformation, gravity, mirror, size, and speed.
  • Transformers: Appearing in the form of pads and rings, transformers will be objects that help the character jump upon contact. While pads can make the cube fly automatically, rings need a key press upon impact to activate.

Dash with Your Transformation Cube

There are two ways to maneuver your character in Geometry Dash: using the mouse-click or the keyboard.

  • The mouse-click: You press or hold the left mouse button (depending on the character’s form).
  • The keyboard: You use the spacebar, which is similar to the mouse button mentioned above.

Master the Difficult Segments of This Geometric World

Overall, this appealing platform game has a reasonable difficulty level. Among them, there are some segments that are always difficult at every level. Let’s take a look and get some tips to overcome them!

  • Ship segments: With terrain consisting of consecutive columns, ship sections are considered the most difficult segments in the entire game. One trick you can use is to count the keystrokes.
  • Double and triple speeds: The strategy for getting through the boost is to lose to win. Only when you know the design of the terrain ahead can you promptly improvise your control operations.

Answer Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to unlock Geometry Dash?

It’s great to tell you that this is a completely free and unblocked game. You just need to turn on the device with an internet connection to experience these unique interesting entertainment moments. Have fun!

  1. Can I join the difficult level without completing the easier ones?

Of course, it’s okay. You can freely choose the level you like, or one that suits your current ability to challenge. But, for newcomers, a sincere advice is that you should complete the menu in order to gradually get used to the overwhelming difficulty of this game.

  1. How do I receive rewards and increase the number of achievements?

Regarding rewards, after completing each level, you will receive a number of stars corresponding to the difficulty of that round. Besides, you can collect secret coins to make your conquest more complete.

As for achievements, you can follow the list of tasks on the trophy icon on the homepage. You can easily see that each mission corresponds to a certain reward. Complete them to improve your personal achievements.

  1. What games can I try if I want to challenge similar rhythm-based gameplay?

Geometry Dash is the first game within the ecosystem of the Geometry Dash universe. The thrilling rhythm-based gameplay will be the ultimate challenge for any player. If you still want to explore more games with similar gameplay, you can try the three spin-off games: Geometry Dash Subzero, Geometry Dash Meltdown, and Geometry Dash World. Or, you can consider games deeply inspired by the original version, like Spooky Dash or Xmas Dash.

The journey through the complex geometric world is almost never-ending. Players can even diversify the strategy to complete a random level. Geometry Dash welcomes all gamers who don't give up easily. Stimulating the spirit of victory through each attempt will be an important key to opening the door to glory. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start your adventure to conquer awkward levels and show the world your rhythm skills as a pro Dasher!

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