Spooky Dash

Spooky Dash

Featuring the same addictive gameplay as the original Geometry Dash, Spooky Dash transports players to a spooky Halloween night. Get out of your comfort zone with pulsating beats and exciting thrills, and forget about those old square icons. If you enjoy games like these, do yourself a favor and pass on this intriguing game with a fresh concept. You can soar through the air, glide across platforms, ride a broomstick, and leap from tall poles.

To further immerse yourself in the Halloween spirit, the game provides extra customization options that let you change your character's look. To make the game more unique, you can customize it with a wide selection of scary skins, icons, and effects. As you control your square-shaped character, you'll venture through terrifying environments filled with strange obstacles such as walls, pits, and spikes. The challenge is worth it, though, because of the rush of adrenaline!

Because of its dramatic score, this game stands out. As you leap and dodge the game's obstacles, the creepy soundtrack will send shivers down your spine. The steady beat will boost your self-assurance, making each step count and each triumph sweeter. Get ready to dash, groove, and squeal with delight as you step into Spooky Dash's world!

How To Play

  • To jump, use the spacebar or click.

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