Egg Dash

Egg Dash

Egg Dash, a thrilling Geometry Dash racing side-scrolling level called Shell Shock, features egg avatars. Unlike most scrambles, Egg Dash opens up the standard platformer concept for an unprecedented amount of fun! Attention all eggs with yolks! 

In this action-packed challenge, take on the role of an adventurous egg and race across colorful levels. You will test your reflexes as you master the art of rhythmic jumping, dodging, and overcoming obstacles. The egg will crack into shell fragments the moment it makes contact with any hard surface. At the level's base, there's a horizontal bar that the player can use to follow the egg as it makes its way through. For the daredevils among you, there are three hidden Easter eggs spread out over each level. If they want to beat the level, players will have to memorize the exact times on the slopes. Acquiring each one will make your yolky journey that much more challenging. Is it possible for you to cross the finish line unscathed? 

Are you ready to sow the seeds of success? For a charming spin on the traditional platformer genre, try Egg Dash right now!


  • This level's architecture is indistinguishable from that of level 2.0, except for the absence of an automaton.
  • Compete in the face of an extensive variety of obstacles and challenges.
  • When faced with challenges, acrobatics serves as an exceptionally valuable tool to possess. 

How To Play

  • To direct the avatar's actions, use the Arrows or WASD keys.

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