Xmas Dash

Xmas Dash

Get in the holiday spirit with Xmas Dash, a rhythm-based adventure that will transport you to the magical heart of Christmas! Prove that you're a master navigator! 

The original gameplay of the popular game Geometry Dash served as inspiration for the holiday-themed Xmas Dash. Transforming into Santa Claus in a cube shape, you will embark on your quest on a difficult map. Tricky obstacles such as saw blades, sharp spikes, and a variety of terrains disturb the tranquil atmosphere on Christmas Eve. In his continuing voyage, Santa encounters numerous obstacles. Still, the point of these challenges is to heighten the game's tension, which in turn makes it more engaging and entertaining. Extreme challenges await you, demanding the most deft and agile moves. Additionally, towering pillars that emerge from the ground on either side pose a threat to the spaces.

In Xmas Dash, your character can assume the shape of a ship to navigate key sections with unique terrain. Additionally, gamers can access other cube designs by watching a short advertisement. Your jumps will be more exciting than ever before because of the character's ability to slide or fly straight down. Observing the jumping orbs and cushions is crucial for efficient movement. To top it all off, amass candy canes, tasty cookies, and Christmas presents to show off your accomplishments. Even more exciting creatures await you: penguins, a lovable brown bear, and the ubiquitous Cony rabbit! Merry Christmas!


  • In Xmas Dash, a Santa Cube can be seen dancing to upbeat tunes.
  • You possess the capability to modify the hue of your cube.
  • Develop your cube further by starting with more.
  • Multiple levels require completion.

How To Play

  • To advance, use the spacebar or the screen button to do so, while avoiding perilous spikes and obstinate barriers.
  • Be vigilant for concealed coins as you make your way to the finish line. 

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