Drunken Boxing

Drunken Boxing

Drunken Boxing will take you into fierce but also extremely fun duels. You will become a boxer, participating in endless matches. Show your opponents your ultimate strength and tactical ability. In particular, this sports game allows players to invite friends to join the challenge on the same device. You can still choose to face the CPU in single-player mode if you play alone.

Gameplay and Controls

The player's goal in Drunken Boxing is to defeat opponents with uncompromising attacks. Understanding and mastering the maneuvering keys is extremely important for a glorious victory. Please understand the following key operations:

  • Single-player mode: You will control the character on the right, use the up arrow to move, and use the left and right arrows to attack.
  • Two-player mode: Player 1 (the left character) uses the W key to move and the A and D keys to attack. Meanwhile, Player 2 is similar to single-player mode.

Answer Some Common Questions

  1. How to know the strength of each character's attack?

Players can track each character's attack power stats right below the health bar. This state can restore itself if your character stands still.

  1. How many times do I need to defeat my opponent to win in the end?

Each round in Drunken Boxing consists of five matches. The player with the greatest number of wins will become the champion.

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