Flappy Dunk

Flappy Dunk

Embark on a journey through the beautiful lands of Flappy Dunk! You will be able to perform slam dunks unexpectedly. Your basketball needs to jump over every hanging basket to continue. You are not allowed to miss any goal, or you will immediately lose.

The score of each shot will depend on the quality of the flappy shot from the ball. A weak jump shot is worth one point, an accurate slam into the middle of the basket is worth two points, and an overhead jump shot through the target is worth three points. In particular, if you can create a series of high scores of two or more, the value of each throw will gradually increase.

Explore the Marvelous Features

  • Flappy Dunk has a combination of sports themes and flappy gameplay.
  • Diversity of adventure routes with epic scenery.
  • This endless journey only records the highest score until you break this record yourself.
  • The target baskets can be stationary or moving, creating increasing difficulty for the challenge.
  • A unique scoring method stimulates players' progress and efforts.

Flap with a Bouncing Ball

Keep the ball jumping in the air to reach the baskets in time. Each click of your mouse will correspond to a bounce of the main entity. A small trick you can apply is to navigate the object in contact with the left edge of the basket. The hit rate will be slightly higher in this situation.

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