Horseback Survival

Horseback Survival

Players are thrown headfirst into a post-apocalyptic wasteland in Horseback Survival, where danger lurks around every bend. In this side-scrolling action adventure, immerse yourself in the world of Zohan, a young survivor, as you and his trusty horse Badal traverse the devastated landscape left behind by a zombie apocalypse. Uncover the truth behind the apocalypse as you go through a haunted landscape of derelict buildings and deserted streets, solving complex puzzles and fending off hordes of zombies. 

Players will go head-to-head with zombie hordes as they solve complex puzzles and explore eerily empty streets and abandoned buildings in this immersive experience. Challenge yourself with melee and ranged attacks as you fight against the undead in this game that skillfully combines action, adventure, and survival themes.

"Horseback Survival" takes players on an engrossing adventure through a devastated world with gorgeous graphics and an enchanting score that aptly conveys the game's bleak yet optimistic tone. The game's design delicately balances the desolation of the apocalypse and the beauty hidden among the rubble.

Get ready for a terrifying adventure in a world where a young man's connection with his horse is crucial to his life. With its thrilling action, challenging puzzles, and profoundly moving tale, "Horseback Survival" guarantees an amazing journey. Are you ready to survive the end of the world and discover what destroyed civilization? I wish you the best!

How To Play

PC Controls

  • A / left arrow key = move left
  • D / right arrow key = move right
  • Space = jump
  • E / swipe down left-click = interact with an object
  • Q / left-click = melee attack
  • Drag left-click and release = aim and shoot

Mobile Controls

  • Joystick = move left/right
  • Jump button = jump
  • Swipe down on the left screen = interact with an object
  • Tap on the left screen = melee attack
  • Drag screen and release = aim and shoot

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