Backrooms Skibidi terrors

Backrooms Skibidi terrors

Playing the new spin-off game Backrooms Skibidi Terrors is all about evading the Skibidi toilet and trying to get out of there as fast as possible. Even monsters have fears. Sure thing! The only way to win this game is to keep running while avoiding all of the Skibidi toilets. Please assist Huggy Wuggy in locating all of the coins so that he may escape.

Choose the degree of difficulty, which can contain either one or two Skibidi Toilets. Since each level in Backrooms Skibidi Terrors is produced at random, you may be sure that no two games will ever be identical. A wide assortment of furniture, appliances, and other items litter the levels. Locate all of the coins so you can escape. Just a small fraction of people will manage to make it through this frightening ordeal. In simulator mode, you can even try your hand at driving various vehicles around a beautiful Chinese town, taking on the role of the iconic toilet. Scream your heart out in Backrooms Skibidi Terrors!

How To Play

  • WASD - Move
  • Mouse - Look
  • C - Crouch

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