Crazy Alien Adventure

Crazy Alien Adventure

Crazy Alien Adventure is an enthralling side-scrolling infinite jumping game that will take you on an exciting travel experience. When the extraterrestrials failed to establish a common language, they went to battle, and the forest's natives ended up becoming prisoners. We must release these innocent creatures from their captivity. Assume the role of a compassionate extraterrestrial being on a mission to rescue stranded animals and evade the hostile aliens. You need to get your powers back and smash the wooden cages if you want to save the animals. Am I dressed for an adventure? Then get down to playing right now!

In this game, an adorable monster will run and rescue animals. Your score will increase as you run further. You can also use the stars you earn to purchase in-game bonuses that streamline certain tasks or to unlock new outfit skins. Restoring your superpower is your first priority as you work to free the animals from their wooden enclosures. There will be numerous obstacles to overcome along the journey, making it challenging. D, S, and W should also be considered. Keep in mind that you may spend the stars you gather to purchase stylish costumes, enhance your hero's powers, or get additional things. If you want to avoid death while overcoming challenges, you may also purchase uncommon animals. Your life will be limited, and after they're all gone, you'll have to start again. Be very cautious if you want to spend bonuses on time, release animals, and avoid obstacles. To what extent are you capable?

How To Play

  • Use W - skydiving.
  • Use WASD or the arrow keys - movement.
  • Boost button - boost

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