Zombie Drift 3D

Zombie Drift 3D

Zombie Drift 3D is an enjoyable driving game in which you must execute exceptional maneuvers to eradicate all undead and demolish all obstacles in your path. Get ready for an exciting adventure where you must kill zombies!

The goal of Zombie Drift 3D is to drive your car through interminable waves of zombies while surviving as long as possible. By deftly navigating with the spacebar (brake key), you may drift in certain directions and eliminate zombies with ease. Your ability to make tight turns and avoid obstacles will improve as you accumulate drifting expertise. You must use extreme caution throughout all of your movements due to the constant barrage of approaching zombies and other hazards. Make it through each level by surviving the zombie attack and destroying all of their zombies. You may acquire health packs to extend your life span and modify your automobile. To stay one step ahead of the zombies, you'll need a plan for using speed boosters. Upgrade your weapons to increase their damage and range. Get a head start by finding out where the zombies will be heading. Therefore, why hesitate any longer? Take control of your vehicle and prove to the undead who's boss!

How To Play

  • Arrow Keys or WASD: Accelerate, brake, and steer.
  • Spacebar: Drift.
  • E: Use nitro boost.

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