Traffic Racer

Traffic Racer

Traffic Racer invites you to participate in an extremely realistic driving simulation game with the experience of participating in traffic on the streets. You will control the car in your virtual world, participating in traffic on crowded roads. Any unfortunate accidents, such as crashes or collisions with roadside objects, can result in a loss.

Customize Your Own Road

First, you can customize the environmental and weather conditions for your journey. Next, players will need to choose one of three game modes: time, endless, or fuel. The specific game rules for each mode are:

  • Time: Within a certain amount of time, you need to perform the task and collect any number of coins to complete it.
  • Endless: Experience endless adventure with your awesome vehicle. However, this mode still strictly adheres to the no-collision rules.
  • Fuel: Almost like Time mode, but instead of being imposed on time, you need to use reasonable car fuel to complete the task.

Each game mode of Traffic Racer has levels with increasing difficulty. You need to unlock these levels one by one until you have completely conquered every route.

Drive Your Virtual Car

Your vehicle in this game will automatically move at a steady speed. To accelerate, press the up arrow key and release to return to the original speed. Left or right turns require using the arrow keys in the corresponding direction.

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