Uphill Rush 12

Uphill Rush 12

Uphill Rush 12 has simple but equally thrilling gameplay. You will control your car downhill at high speed, overcoming obstacles and bumpy ramps. Along the way, collect as many coins as possible to unlock new vehicles and upgrade your character's appearance to add more personality.

The Detailed Gameplay

This casual game will take you on a challenging and stimulating adventure on fascinating waterways. With an interesting and unique gameplay model, this game will keep you hooked from the first touch. You will participate in water races, overcome picturesque beaches, dangerously steep roads, and even breathtaking routes in the air. Your goal is to overcome all the obstacles and complete each level in the shortest time possible.

The reward after each turn will be the ability to unlock a series of attractive features. You can change the vehicle and customize the character with cool outfits. What's more appealing than expressing your unique style in the vast game world?

Maneuver Your Car

Your vehicle in Uphill Rush 12 can move on any terrain. The most important thing is that you need to manage the speed and gravity of the car to optimize completion time.

  • Use the up and down arrows to manage the speed of the main entity.
  • Press the left or right arrow keys to adjust the balance of the car.

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