In the fierce world of, only strong and daring warriors can survive. You will enter a dramatic and exciting battle with formidable opponents. This never-ending fight will be your chance to show off your inner warrior. You will need top-notch weapons and skilled fighting skills to fight hundreds of different opponents. At the same time, be careful of the traps and dangers hidden behind every corner.

Along with sharp graphics and vivid sound, will offer you the ultimate online battle experience. Are you ready to prove your mettle right now?

Control Your Warrior

First, you need to log in to access. Stepping into the harsh battlefield, you will face dangers surrounding you everywhere. Players maneuver the mighty warrior to move using the arrow keys. Besides, move the mouse flexibly to look around, and click to attack.

Unlock Outstanding Features

  • Customize unique and personalized outfits and weapons.
  • Join challenge mode to increase the difficulty of each challenge.
  • Step into the battle of ranks in peak seasons.
  • Explore the in-game shop for a variety of powerful items.
  • Join an existing party or create your round and invite your friends.

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