Bloxorz will challenge the ultimate puzzle-solving ability of all types of players. There is no limit to participation; even if you have never been exposed to this unique gameplay before, you can still try it. So, what's special about the tactical gameplay of this game?

Gameplay and Controls

You will enter a world with only a flat platform and a block. The main object is a rectangular block, equivalent to one brick when standing and two bricks when lying down. This is the challenge you must face. Move the object until it reaches the position of a square hole. To destroy Bloxorz, you need to complete 33 tricky levels. More detailed instructions about some special items will be introduced at the beginning of the game. Make sure you know what you need to be immersed in this exciting entertainment game all day.

To move the block, use the arrow keys with the corresponding direction of flipping the block. Pay attention to the contact surface of the next move. If the main entity falls off the platform, you lose.

Plan a Suitable Strategy

  • Carefully analyze the terrain and try a few basic steps.
  • Take advantage of objects that support bridge opening or teleportation.
  • Be careful with each turn of the block when switching from lying to standing, and vice versa.

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