The chaotic and tense world of is fraught with unimaginable danger and suspicion. You will play as a member of a group on a spaceship or in a space base. But never trust blindly, because there is an impostor among the characters in this space.

Your mission is to detect and eliminate impostors before they cause chaos and destruction. Each player must be alert, ready to react quickly and cooperate with others to ensure the safety of all. However, the danger comes not only from the impostor but also from the environment itself. Devices, systems, and even spaces are filled with surprises and daunting challenges.

Or, your character could be an imposter. This game is like a test of spirit and solidarity. Only cooperation and sharp reasoning can help you overcome all difficulties and win. Quickly grasp the role of your little creature to adjust your strategy!

Step-by-step Guideline

  • First, give your character a cool name to board the spaceship.
  • After clicking the “Play” button, the battle for survival begins!
  • You move the character through rooms in a large base, looking for clues.
  • Necessary meetings will take place when an important decision is made.
  • The round will end until the impostor is found or the number of allies remaining is equal to the number of impostors alive.

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