Jail Prison Van Police Game

Jail Prison Van Police Game

You take on the role of a police officer whose job it is to transport inmates in the thrilling action-simulation game Jail Prison Van Police Game. Get ready for a wild ride through level after level as you bring criminals, naughty and green, to the station. There will be three different game modes to choose from, each requiring you to do different things, including transport inmates or track down fugitives.

At the start of the game, you'll get missions to transport inmates to jail. Maintaining the van's condition, adhering to all traffic regulations, and following the map's path is crucial. The clock is ticking, so you better get this done quickly. Make sure to monitor the gas gauge and utilize the free bonus to ensure you fill-up the tank promptly. The navigator's path to your destination is shown in the top left corner. When you complete missions successfully, you'll earn money that you may spend to purchase additional cars. Any time you choose, you can just get in your car and drive aimlessly around a huge metropolis. You have the option to modify the control sensitivity in the settings. Put yourself in the middle of the action with the help of lifelike visuals and enveloping sound effects. Earn prizes just by joining the game every day!

How To Play

  • W -Accelerate
  • S -Backward
  • A -Steer Left
  • D -Steer Right
  • C -Change Camera
  • P/Esc -Pause
  • H -Horn
  • V -Vehicle Vipers

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