Fun Obby Extreme

Fun Obby Extreme

Fun Obby Extreme is a difficult platformer in which you guide a little figure over a series of perilous obstacles to reach the finish line. You must keep running to avoid waves of enemies who will shoot you if they see you. Meanwhile, keep an eye out for any threats and seize the chance to fire at them. Get to the end of each level as you control your Roblox avatar in an incredible universe filled with floating platforms.

In Fun Obby Extreme, you have to plan your leaps carefully so you can reach the next platform. You may forget about landing on big platforms or firm ground; this is going to be a real challenge. Platforms could collapse a short while after you tread on them, the ground might be a sphere, or the next platform you leap to could be very thin. The good thing is that you have unlimited chances to attempt the game, even if all of this makes it more challenging. Along with Obby, you'll get to explore a vast metropolis full of obstacles and surprises as you make your way through each level. It's time to begin and succeed!

How To Play

  • WASD - Move
  • Mouse - Look
  • Space - Jump/Double Jump

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