Parkour Block 3

Parkour Block 3

Parkour Block 3 invites you to take on the challenge in a harsh sandbox world with a heart-pounding journey. You will experience thrilling moments with each breathtaking jump. In your adventure with Noob, a resilient character in the Minecraft universe, you need to try to jump to floating platforms to stay safe. 43 levels, with challenges ranging from simple to unimaginable, will quickly immerse you. The score after each round will depend on the character's excellent performance in each jump.

How to Play

First of all, don't rush to jump right away. Observe and briefly analyze the terrain and platform designs by moving the mouse around. Then, maneuver the character in the direction with the most safe blocks. Although this route is not the shortest, remember that your target in Parkour Block 3 is to complete the round; don't worry about time.

Gamers control the character to move with the arrow keys and jump with the spacebar. You should monitor and observe the character's position continuously. Then, flex the combination of keys so that Noob lands safely.

Tips and Tricks

  • Blocks near walls are safer than those floating in the middle of the room.
  • You should have diverse strategies to find the most effective solution.
  • Always keep a straight line of sight relative to the next landing location.

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