Egg Hunt Mania

Egg Hunt Mania

Players assume the position of a conscientious egg rescuer in Egg Hunt Mania. Before they perish, you must gather as many eggs as you can. Move quickly to get high scores in this cerebral game.

Inlogic Software's challenging arcade game Egg Hunt Mania challenges you to save as many eggs as possible. There is only one basket, and four birds spread out in every direction! Earn extra cash by collecting eggs and bringing a full basket to the store. The quota grows daily, so be sure to check back! You can capture more eggs and sell them faster if you use the money you acquire to update your equipment. Make it through the day by collecting as many eggs as possible while staying under your daily quota. Never forget to return to the store to retrieve additional eggs after you've filled your basket to the brim. Monitor the growing daily demand and adjust your approach appropriately.

A faster shop cooldown period, a larger basket to hold more eggs at once, higher egg quality to increase the selling price of each egg, and a better likelihood of hatching the special blue egg are all upgrades. To increase the bonus coins you receive when you deliver a full basket, collect blue eggs and swap them for special baskets. Another option is to swap 100 blue eggs for 2500 coins, which will allow you to upgrade more items and finish more quotas. Have fun!

How To Play

  • Mouse - Play
  • WASD - Move Basket
  • Arrow keys - Move Basket
  • Spacebar - Sell to Shop

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