Geometry Dash BuTiTi

Geometry Dash BuTiTi

Geometry Dash BuTiTi's futuristic fantasy background design evokes nostalgia in many players. BuTiTi features a 2.0 Harder solo level that boasts seven stars. At this level, JonathanGD truly shines as a gifted artist. The BuTiTi Trilogy begins with BuTiTi, which serves as the formal prologue to BuTiTi II. The gameplay requires both skill and memory. I am eager to begin immediately!

At the start of the game, players control a slow little cube and must jump, not jump at random. Despite the slow pace of this section of the game, the attractive minimalist design and impressive visual effects more than makeup for it. As the cube part becomes more confusing with two blue balls, the 15–17% stage becomes more interesting. This is merely a bridge to the subsequent section on double-speed robots. The mechanical aspect relies on rote memorization of certain traps and tricks.

We use similar memorization for the shading but with more gradients. After a relatively easy, regular-sized wave, there's a considerably more challenging mini-wave section. If you're interested, you should check out the UFO-Little, Wave-UFO-Little, and Wave-UFO alternating sequences. The small wave sections are notoriously challenging, in contrast to the typically easy UFO sections that just necessitate a few touches. Strict controls are necessary for safe navigation.

Legend has it that the 80–90% stage is where the real challenge begins. In many of JonathanGD's later levels, asymmetrical and mixed duality are prominent. You need a lot more timing precision for the top ball, so focus on that. Unlike many other levels in the Geometry Dash series, players will never see the same design details twice as they explore freely. Are you up to the challenging levels of Geometry Dash BuTiTi? Play now and discover the answer!

How To Play

How To Play

  • Slide, jump, run, and fly to reach the final destination.
  • Be patient while preparing to enter the game.

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