Geometry Dash Soothe

Geometry Dash Soothe

New challenges await you in Geometry Dash Soothe, and they promise to provide heart-pounding thrills as you conquer them. Perfect for anyone looking to get a head start on the challenges in the Geometry Dash series, this level has easy obstacles. Everything about its design is minimalistic: the colors, the effects, and the obstacles. Nonetheless, the level of sophistication and harmony remain intact. Starting on a pixelated level, your goal is simple: make your way across platforms while avoiding spikes. Proceed with caution! The next part has you navigating a ship through a passageway with columns and platforms on either side.

To earn bonus points and unlock new characters, find three user coins scattered throughout Geometry Dash Soothe. To get the first coin, you have to fall 36% from a platform and then climb back up. The second, while in the UFO stage, descends from 82% altitude, but watch out for the saw that's hovering above. The third coin is located at 44% between the pillars and 97% in the last corridor.

The teleportation gate, on the other hand, allows you to change size as well as shape. It stands out from other levels thanks to this typical highlight. Not much happens in this level in terms of appearances; players can only see the spaceship and the cube when they transform, but the journey will leave an indelible impression. Geometry Dash Soothe is a great game to play with friends or alone. Start playing right now!

How To Play

  • Fly or jump over obstacles with the mouse to reach the finish line.
  • Always remember to gather three coins to receive rewards.

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