Geometry Dash CraZy

Geometry Dash CraZy

Greetings to Geometry Dash CraZy! This is a wild Geometry Dash game in which you must leap and fly to your target without contacting any obstacles to pass the stages. Feel the frantic music pushing up your energy!

DavJT designed this hard-demon-level game. The airship mode, challenging difficulties in the shape of abysses and spikes, and gravity gates all contribute to the game's chaos. The game will have three distinct episodes labeled 'Planet Orion', 'Circle Planet', and 'Crazy Planet'.

In airship mode, you will keep clicking to make the ship fly up, and release the mouse to make the ship fly down. Pads of various colors will be present along the journey. Click on the yellow pad to jump high, and then push the blue pad once the gravity gate disappears. Additionally, acquire a large number of coins to earn more points. It's now time to fly, demonstrate your skills and complete one of our more difficult levels. Are you able to finish this level?

How To Play

  • Press the Up arrow key/W/Space/Click to jump
  • In ship mode, hold to fly up and release to fly down
  • Press L to toggle effects

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