Geometry Dash Flappy UFO

Geometry Dash Flappy UFO

Geometry Dash Flappy UFO is a custom level or mod for the well-known platforming game Geometry Dash, which is based on rhythm. Incorporating elements of both the original Flappy Bird gameplay and the Geometry Dash style, this level is a component of the Flappy Bird series. This Flappy Bird level takes elements from both the classic game and the Geometry Dash style. 

This is a challenging level with few obstacles, mostly spikes that sprout from both above and below. Only a series of mouse clicks, similar to the game Flappy Bird, can traverse the central area. Be on the lookout for potential threats at all times. Remember, every impact resets the game.

The level begins with a brief cube stage where the player essentially has free reign. The UFO stage divides into numbered pieces, similar to the Flappy Hexagon level. The player's objective in the first 10 levels is to avoid falling from spiky pillars that are one block thick. Through the next 10 levels, the player must soar above spikes that dangle from the ceiling. Then, as the mirror portal impacts the pillars in portions 21–30 of the game, the player must fly through their narrow gaps. Parts 31–40 have the player navigating saws, while sections 41–50 have them navigating pillars formed of dissolving blocks. At last, the player reaches the ship's portal, where the author expresses gratitude for their participation and signifies the level's completion. 

In terms of harder levels, Flappy UFO ranks third overall and tops the Flappy Bird series. The combination of Flappy Bird and Geometry Dash mechanics makes this level challenging but also fun to play, and that's why it's so popular. How many times do you think you can finish it?

How To Play

  • Left-clicking or using the spacebar will propel the alien character through his or her exploits in the geometric universe.

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