Geometry Dash LET's START

Geometry Dash LET's START

Chess-inspired artwork and a powerful soundtrack make Geometry Dash LET's START a unique game that will keep you hooked for hours.

Innovative designs present the game in a sequential format. In the first level, the cube will go past obstacles shaped like devils. The cube trails the robot blocks, the light train, and a black screen. The game will transport you to places of many hues, allowing you to sense them with your vivid imagination. 

Your goal is to respond swiftly and hop over deadly spikes and saw blades. Collect all of the lava challenges and invisible contacts to glide in the air with ease. Jump on geometric blocks with alternating black and white motifs to experience the variation in this level designed just for you. Put on your headphones, hop on the tiles, and explore the beautiful world of Geometry Dash LET'S START!

How To Play

  • Run, leap, and traverse barriers including magma, portals, and blocks.
  • You must traverse teleportation portals or leap on stationary light sources that serve as fulcrums to travel through the air. 
  • Due to the extremely high pace, competitors must be adaptable with every move.

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