Geometry Dash Nightosphere

Geometry Dash Nightosphere

Geometry Dash Nightosphere takes you on an intense Halloween night obstacle adventure! Gliding through the creepy ghosts and endless haunted houses will give you a memorable experience.

Experience the thrill of jumping over deadly spikes and moving forward while listening to the soundtrack. You can fly in ship mode and then drop into Grandma's hold to continue flying in the night sky. Hit the yellow and blue pads to get through the gravity gates. In addition, be sure to collect the coins that appear along the way.

Geometry Dash's Nitrosphere mode is significantly faster than the original game. So, keep your focus while dancing to avoid making incorrect jumps. Let's use different-colored dots to make the blocks bounce more. 

Are you prepared to embark on a thrilling Halloween night journey? With Geometry Dash Nightosphere, you can jump to the music, overcome obstacles, and create a memorable festival!

How To Play

  • By striking a yellow pad, one can leap high.
  • To ascend, strike a blue pad while avoiding a gravity portal.
  • To earn bonus points, amass coins.
  • To toggle effects (and decrease lag), press L.
  • To toggle the background, press B (which can also reduce lag).

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