Geometry Dash SubBass

Geometry Dash SubBass

Geometry Dash SubBass is a new game in the Geometry Dash series that features simple but beautiful gameplay in the major colors red, black, and white. This game will test your obstacle course skills as you progress from straightforward to challenging levels. The Demon level, in particular, will challenge even the most experienced Geometry Dash players!

Lose yourself in the exhilarating soundtrack of Geometry Dash SubBass, and control the cube to jump over obstacles on an endless adventure through heaven and hell. When you travel through the heavenly level, you will feel as if you are in a garden among the skies, with green and blue as the primary hues. On the contrary, the hell level will make you feel as if you're sinking into a deep hole, with purple and red being the primary hues. The game also entices players with its seamless and stunning transition effects when you pass through gravity gates and travel on a spacecraft. Now, leap over spikes, go forward, and test your reflexes!

Two User Coins

  • First coin: Simple when you have simple access from the outset of the level. Easy instructions to obtain genuine coins. Achieve the initial coin at 23% of the distance by surmounting the obstacles.
  • Second coin: The level of difficulty is unquestionably more advanced, and there are numerous discernible distinctions. If you exercise a little caution, you will promptly identify the second coin's location. To successfully reach the second coin, jump across the distance between the two blocks at 62%.

How To Play

  • Click and hold the Up arrow to perform a leap.
  • Utilize the yellow rings to remove.
  • Refrain from approaching the barbs.
  • In the ship mode, press down to descend and release to ascend.
  • Toggle the special effects on and off by pressing L. 

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