Geometry Dash Cosmic Journey

Geometry Dash Cosmic Journey

Geometry Dash Cosmic Journey is a massive musical celebration that takes place in a world that is full of traps that spin and turn. Use your abilities to overcome obstacles and reach the end of this graphically stunning level!

JerkRat/Creator JR and TamaN created this game. If you know them, you'll probably be able to tell who developed each level in this game simply by playing it. While the music plays, let the adventure begin. Then you'll find yourself flying along with the music and progressing through the game's fascinating levels. Allow your skill and agility to shine!

The game's fun stems from the ability to freely change your character's appearance by going through the portal in different ways. Furthermore, you will notice that the Geometry Dash Cosmic Journey game has an intriguing design with numerous symmetrical features and block designs that resemble high-rise buildings in the metropolis. With stunning graphics and unique effects, the game promises to provide an unforgettable experience from sound to sight. Don't wait any longer to conquer the bizarre realm of Geometry Dash Cosmic Journey!

How To Play

  • Control the game using your mouse, spacebar, or the arrow up key.

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