Devil Dash

Devil Dash

Devil Dash is an excellent game for testing your reflexes. You must walk, leap, and dodge spikes and lethal traps to reach the emergency escape door. In this Geometry Dash-themed obstacle course game, you'll face 80 stages of progressively harder difficulties!

In Devil Dash, you will encounter a series of meticulously designed scenarios, each containing a surprise trap that is not visible or anticipated. Sinkholes, spinning blades, and traps arrive unexpectedly as you go, leaving you unable to respond. If you don't dodge them in time, you'll be sent back to the beginning, and the level will start again. The barriers' placements will be repeated. You may use your memory to dodge traps. Furthermore, the controls force players to improve the precision of their leaps to avoid pre-set traps, ensuring the game's challenge. To reach your goal, you must be calm and patient.

If you enjoy challenges and trying new things, Devil Dash is is an excellent choice. Get engaged and face the challenge in Devil Dash!

How To Play

  • Guide the character to run to the left or right using the left and right arrow keys.
  • Guide the character to leap by using the spacebar or the up arrow key.

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