Geometry Dash OXIDIZE

Geometry Dash OXIDIZE

Welcome to Geometry Dash OXIDIZE! You'll dash down the mine tunnels below, dodging rusty iron traps, and squeeze through small gaps to reach the light!

In this game, individual pads transform into spiky balls that travel back and forth following the chain's movements. To pass through without contacting the spikes, you must aim at the appropriate moment and leap over to the opposite block with the support plate. To reach your target in Geometry Dash OXIDIZE, accuracy and speed are required. Click repeatedly to dodge the spikes and go to the next block.

Geometry Dash OXIDIZE immerses players in a dark, old tunnel filled with obstacles made of rusted equipment and artifacts. You may also modify your character's look whenever you pass through the gate. Geometry Dash OXIDIZE will test your ability to navigate obstacle courses! Let's begin by pressing the start playing button!

How To Play

  • Collect coins and surmount challenges to reach the finish line.
  • Oxidized metal-lined roads will induce a sense of suffocation; therefore, you must evacuate promptly.

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