Grow Castle Defence

Grow Castle Defence

You won't find another strategic clicker game like Grow Castle Defence. You have no say over the placement or quantity of your soldiers, unlike in classic tower defense games. As you defeat adversaries, you will accumulate coins that will enhance your strength.

This is the sole requirement for achieving victory. Grow Castle Defense allows you to strengthen your archers' defenses, giving you an advantage against a range of enemies. Make your archers and swashbucklers better. Quicken the rate of financial gain. Defeating enemies becomes more difficult as you level up. The thrill of the game grows with each new level. Eliminate the boss monsters to gain more cash. New abilities will be bestowed on you from time to time. Interacting with these abilities allows you to modify their functionality, and they activate automatically. To move it, just click and hold the mouse button. Do you feel prepared to face the enemy?

How To Play

  • Click or tap to choose which feature to upgrade.

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