King Kong Chaos

King Kong Chaos

King Kong Chaos, a contemporary 2D-pixel art game, requires players to avoid spiky balls and barrels thrown by a giant gorilla. To achieve your target, you must face the threats presented by the huge gorilla. Fireballs, enormous balls, and other hazards are on their way to you. Advance through a perplexing labyrinth of platforms. The gorilla will throw barrels all around the warehouse, making your life a living nightmare. When you hit a wall, you start over.

The early stages give you a straightforward task to do. Quickness, planning, and mastery of time will be crucial for success in subsequent rounds. At the very top of every level in King Kong Chaos, you'll find the golden banana, which is the game's ultimate reward. Obtaining this highly sought-after artifact is crucial for moving on to the next level. Is grabbing the banana possible despite the many hazards, such as spiky wrecking balls, fire, and barrels?

How To Play

  • Use the arrow keys to play.

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