Mr Throw

Mr Throw

Mr Throw is a fun aim-and-shoot game where you may throw things at your opponent and use special talents to heal, block, or reinforce your hits. There are a ton of fun stages waiting for you, in which you have to throw things at your enemy until he falls. Toss anything and everything you can find!

A diverse cast of characters, each with their eccentricities, is available to you in Mr Throw. There's plenty of diversity to choose from, including a squid army and the blue monster Huggy. Each playable character adds a new dimension to the experience and offers unique ways to attack enemies or avoid hazards. If you happen to take a blow to the face, don't worry—the first aid kit has you covered. Mr Throw will put your accuracy and dexterity to the test in his own unique and eccentric manner. 

You can spend all the time you want playing Mr Throw since there are so many skins and things to acquire and use to personalize your character and gameplay. Opening chests allows you to unlock new superheroes and unusual weaponry. Your insatiable need for variety in battle games is slaked. 

Mr Throw is one of those rare skill games where joy meets frenzy by wonderfully fusing action-packed bouts with funny aspects. Make it to the end of this perilous object-throwing match!

How To Play

  • Hold left-click/right-click to aim and release to throw the object.

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