Samurai vs Yakuza - Beat Em Up

Samurai vs Yakuza - Beat Em Up

Samurai vs Yakuza - Beat Em Up transports players to the seedy underbelly of ancient Japan, where honor and corruption compete for supremacy. The infamous Yakuza gang jeopardizes the kingdom's cultural heritage and tranquility in this thrilling adventure, seizing possession of numerous historic artifacts and ruins. To restore order and regain these key places, players must assume the role of the brave samurai and embark on a necessary quest. 

Standing firm in the face of the Yakuza's despotism is your sacred duty as a samurai. As you face the criminal underbelly, you'll travel through neon-lit streets, old temples, and busy marketplaces. Take part in fierce battles with both conventional swords and a variety of weapons found in crates concealed around the stages. Defeating the Yakuza and stopping them from doing further damage requires strategy, lightning reflexes, and smart thinking in every battle. Look at the battlefield and try to guess where your enemies will move. This is especially important because of the advantage it provides in matches.

The kingdom's destiny is on the line, so arm yourself and prepare for a historic showdown. The kingdom's fate hangs in the balance as you muster your samurai skills to conquer the Yakuza and protect the country's heritage. Be prepared to fight for the kingdom's salvation!

How To Play

  • Arrow keys = move
  • Spacebar = jump
  • Z or X = attack

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