Words of Wonders

Words of Wonders

Words of Wonders will show you how tricky the letters in the alphabet are. Entering the world with single characters, what do you need to do? The player's task is to combine the given letters into a meaningful vocabulary. In each level, a few random characters and an answer sheet will appear on your screen. Based on the number of empty cells in this table, players can find clues and solve puzzles.

The appeal of Words of Wonders lies is not only in the vocabulary puzzles but also in the variety of backgrounds. Online travel tickets through a series of world-famous wonders will be a reward for you after you complete a certain set of questions. Besides, other attractive gifts are waiting for you to unlock. You can also participate in the lucky spin to receive random rewards every day. Furthermore, this game also has a hint feature to help players when they are stuck.

Connect the Characters

To connect letters, you just need to hold down the mouse on the first letter and drag it through in order of appearance in the vocabulary. If the word you combine is invalid, it will not appear on the answer sheet.

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