Geometry Dash Furia

Geometry Dash Furia

Welcome to the mysterious world of Geometry Dash Furia! This updated version has sounds and effects with smooth motions that excite your eyes!

The theme is simple, and the lighting highlights the tonal differences between purple and blue. The shifts become more noticeable as the rhythm quickens, providing a dynamic experience. The deeper you explore, the more detailed the game becomes. As a result, your leaps must be very exact, since there is little opportunity for mistakes. 

Geometry Dash Furia has various effect transition gates that provide smooth and stunning backdrop color changes. Each converter port provides the square with a unique form. It began as a rhythmic shift but rapidly became dramatic. At that moment, the transformation occurred in the blink of an eye, and it happened so quickly that it was impossible to comprehend. Can you complete all of the stages in the Geometry Dash Furia game? Test your agility and reflexes right now!

How To Play

  • Click to master this playground. Practice more, observe, and remember positions to make precise moves.

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