Geometry Dash Level Easy

Geometry Dash Level Easy

Geometry Dash Level Easy will make you nostalgic for the original game. However, it will provide you with a unique experience with some modifications. When you first start the game, you will see a square block gliding on the ground. Use your mouse to make the square block jump away from the spikes, blocks, and needles placed along its path. As you progress deeper, the number you receive increases in tandem with the square block's acceleration. Don't worry, the speed will not increase dramatically in this game. As a result, if you are new to the Geometry Dash series or simply bored with the difficulty of the original game, you can practice and improve your score at your leisure. Let's practice and demonstrate your jumping abilities in our new game, Geometry Dash Level Easy!


  • Simple gameplay
  • There are not too many difficult challenges, suitable for players of all ages
  • Simple effects

How To Play

  • The game has only one identity from start to finish, you just need to control the cube to jump over obstacles safely
  • Although it has average speed, you also need high concentration to win

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