Merge Hero - Survival Tower Defense

Merge Hero - Survival Tower Defense

Immerse yourself in epic fights against the invasion of monsters in Merge Hero - Survival Tower Defense, an addicting tower defense strategy game. The main focus of Merge Hero - Survival Tower Defense is the ability to combine heroes. By dragging and merging troops, you can strengthen heroes to confront waves of stronger opponents. As waves of foes approach, you need to quickly combine your hero troops, increasing their power and skills, to construct a strong defense. The game's core is training your heroes for epic fights that will test your strategy skills as you shape and level them up. The ability to customize each hero's skills and qualities opens up a world of strategy and tactics. 

The thrilling gameplay of Merge Hero - Survival Tower Defense is due in large part to its unique characteristics. Not only can you customize your approach with a broad array of upgrades and unique powers, but the game also comes with the traditional mix of heroes. Fans of strategy games will love Merge Hero - Survival Tower Defense for its colorful visuals, difficult stages, and diverse hero troops to command. Join forces with heroes to confront an invasion of monsters. In war, may you be victorious!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play this game.

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