Runic Block Collapse

Runic Block Collapse

'Runic Block Collapse' is pleased to have you here. To initiate a chain reaction, simply tap any block to remove all adjacent blocks. To go through the levels, you must collect a certain number of points. To accomplish this, you must clear the field of stones. To earn points, click and drag groups of two or more matching blocks to be removed. Larger groups earn more points. By clicking on the selected group, you can view the score forecast in the lower left corner of the left vertical panel. On that panel, you can see your current level, your progress towards your goals, and other important details. It costs 250 points to remove one block. Larger groups gain more points per block when 2 or more blocks are removed. Make use of Runic Block Collapse's field bonuses. Have a wonderful time!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play

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