Geometry Dash Over the City

Geometry Dash Over the City

Come us as we explore the colorful and rhythmic oasis in Geometry Dash Over the City. In contrast to the typical levels, this one is a platformer with several unusual hazards. Players don't have to be fast or improvise a lot, but precision is key in these stages.

Here, players are treated to a brief narrative outlining their quest for the cube's ruby. Get your feet wet in the construction game by navigating the block level's spikes in the beginning. As part of the journey, the blocks will go to challenging areas, like a labyrinth map. Quickly respond to obstacles in motion and move deftly to avoid traps. Just picture yourself exploring the Pharaoh's tomb, where unpredictable danger lurks around every corner. Gathering the ruby stone and bringing it to the gate at the tunnel's end will mark the finish of your task. You should have little trouble winning any of the levels since there aren't many challenging ones. The player should have little trouble completing the level in the allotted one minute. Start playing right now!

How To Play

  • Use your arrow keys to move.

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