Granny Horror Escape

Granny Horror Escape

Granny Horror Escape immerses players in a heart-pounding escape room experience within the walls of an ancient mansion that has fallen into disrepair.

Look for hints, and see if you can use the things you find. Any item you've gathered can have useful details shown to you, regardless of when you dropped it. If something drops anywhere in the house, the grandmother will hear it. Her hearing is quite sensitive. If you ever mess up like that, figure out how to hide!

In addition to multiple difficulty levels, the game offers a wide array of customizable modes. Fans of the horror genre will never forget the exhilarating thrill rush this game provides with its realistic setting, difficult puzzles, and relentless pursuit mechanic. Do you think you can out-plan Granny and get away from her? Or are you going to fall prey to her wicked schemes?

How To Play

  • Use the mouse.

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