Stickman Team Detroit

Stickman Team Detroit

Jump into the action-packed beat 'em up, Stickman Team Detroit, where three unexpected heroes come together to protect Detroit's city. A group of Stickmen allied with one of the city's gangs. The man resolved to control Detroit clandestinely and assert his dominion by every means. Nevertheless, there were dissenters to this plan from the start. Bandit mobs stood in opposition to Stickman and his goons. What a waste of time!

Both a one-player and a two-player option are available in the "Stickman Team Detroit" game. If you want to face off against the entire audience, opt for the first option. If you prefer companionship, choose option two and engage in a dispute with your friend. You won't believe it! In the first scenario, you'll be in charge of a whole squad of three, while in the second, you'll have to choose two out of the gang of robbers. Once completed, the epic battle commences! Stickman Team Detroit necessitates that you navigate many maps, defeat enemies, and ensure the survival of your crew. To become the most powerful gangster, you must choose the correct plan that will allow you to eliminate your opponents as effectively as possible. I hope you enjoy yourselves!

How To Play

Player 1 

  • WASD: move
  • Spacebar: Shoot
  • E: Special 

Player 2

  • Keyboard arrows: move
  • J: Shoot
  • K: Special 
  • C: Change character

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